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Increasing security of an old small school by restricting access with a gate or wire mesh

Effective perimeter beam systems fitted throughout the UK

Based in Newark, Trisec Ltd offers a range of tailored security solutions, including perimeter beam alarms. Get a competitive quote from our team today.

Discreet yet effective security solutions

Based on infra-red technology, a beam alarm is triggered when someone passes through the beam and interrupts it. As the beam is invisible to the naked eye, it is a fantastic security system that is discreet whilst remaining highly effective.


At Trisec Ltd, we supply, fit and maintain a range of perimeter beam systems, from single units to monitor access, to advanced multi-sensor solutions that allow you to pinpoint when and where someone has entered your premises. Sensors can be set up to activate an audible alarm, notify security teams/the authorities, or send alerts to your phone. No matter your needs, Trisec Ltd is committed to helping you feel more secure.

Bokeh Lines
security gate

Trusted security experts since 1997

We bring over 25 years’ industry expertise, and have installed a wide range of security systems over the years. This gives us an unrivalled understanding of security, and allows us to offer a personalised security solution that meets your needs.


We only use components and products from trusted manufacturers, and offer 24-hour support for customer opting for a maintained package.

Young smiling woman setting up home security system

Get in touch to arrange a site survey or a quote

For perimeter beam systems, fencing and more, speak to Trisec Ltd: one of Newark’s leading security experts.

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