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Modern security camera for surveillance

Your experts in CCTV analytics

Take your CCTV system to the next level, with Trisec Ltd. Based in Newark, Nottinghamshire, we cover the whole of the UK.

How dO analytics enhance my CCTV system?

Traditional CCTV systems allow you to view live footage of your premises and perimeter, and record. Advanced analytics and AI systems can do so much more. From tracking an individual’s direction of travel and spotting suspicious vehicles, through to assessing high-footfall areas, the data collected can provide to be highly valuable to businesses. Data can used to predict problem areas, distribute resources (such as security staff or first aid equipment) and help law enforcement in the event of crime. It can also be used to filter out ‘non-event’ footage, saving you time and effort in pinpointing useful footage.

Dual security cameras on a pole
Image of a security Camera behind fired fencing

Is CCTV analytics right for me?

The team at Trisec Ltd is happy to provide free on-site surveys and assessments, to determine if this innovative system suits your needs. We take into account your site, potential problem areas, your current security measures and budget, before coming back with a tailored quote and recommendations.

Young smiling woman setting up home security system

Considering CCTV analytics?

For a tailored quotation or to learn more, speak to our team in Newark today.

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