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A boundary fence with barbed wire

Benefit from our electric fencing systems today

For added security tat a traditional fence cannot provide, speak to Trisec Ltd today. We install electric fencing throughout Newark and the wider area.

Take your site security to the next level

Electric fences are ideal for high-security areas, such as larger commercial sites, airports and hazardous/dangerous environments. Using a perimeter detection system, designed by the Harper Chalice Group and installed by ourselves, potential intruders are given an electrical shock via a special system fitted to the inside of the fence line.

Fence with a barbed wire
Warning - Electric Fence!

An effective and safe deterrent

A common misconception is that an electric fence is dangerous. When installed correctly, electric fencing can be an effective security system, which won’t cause long-term harm to potential intruders or the public.


Our systems are designed to comply to all current UK laws and health and safety guidelines. They deliver a shock, but at safe levels, meaning intruders are deterred, but not harmed.


Our systems comply with UK laws, does not cause long-term harm to those in contact and can be extremely effective at both deterring and detecting any intruders.

Young smiling woman setting up home security system

Make Trisec Ltd your go-to experts in electric fencing systems

Call, email or message our Newark-based specialists for a competitive quote, or to arrange a site survey

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